Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission:

To be a caring community partner dedicated to enhancing the health of the patients and communities we serve.

Our vision:

We will always be a caring community partner, dedicated to improving the health status of the communities we serve.

We will always exhibit our belief in the value of every individual by ministering to the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of every person's life.
We will never abandon a person of our community in true need regardless of his or her ability to pay.

We will always deliver excellent patient/family care and services as we continually seek quality and performance improvement.

We will constantly seek to expand needed services to the communities we serve while continuing to assure the financial viability of our health care system.

We will partner with our medical staff to provide state-of-the-art care and services for our patients.

Further, our vision includes the maintenance of a work environment where productive, efficient and professional staff, who are constantly learning, can take pride in their work and their organization and are rewarded for the service and ministry they provide.

Our values:

How we care...
Attitude/demeanor - respect - teamwork - accountability - communication - and dedication to excellence. Working together.

Provider Opportunities

The Difference

You’ll see the difference in everything we do. It’s in capabilities that are usually associated with larger, out-of-town hospitals. And it’s in doctors and nurses who always know when you just need someone to listen.

Medical Staff

Our Medical Staff believes every patient is unique and every day presents opportunities to use the most important medical tools of all, empathy, compassion and dignity. We listen to our patients, their goals, their concerns and their joys, because personalized care only enhances advanced medical treatments.