Henry Community Health

Why Henry Community Health?

Our doctors tell us that they come to Henry Community Health because we offer a rewarding professional career, a safe and nurturing community to raise a family and easy proximity to Indianapolis and Muncie.

  • We are big enough to have sophisticated technology yet small enough so our physicians don’t get lost in the crowd
  • There is a collegial physician atmosphere
  • Our administrative team and chief medical officer are well regarded by physicians

We asked our physicians why they like Henry Community Health and their practice with us. Even though life here isn’t always perfect, our physicians think they have made a good practice choice. Here is what they told us.

“The Medical Staff gets along well – we all work together for the betterment of our patients and their care.  The size of the hospital is nice – it’s small, but technologically in step. “

– Bruce Benninger, MD, FACOG, Board Certified Obstetrics & Gynecology

“The patients really appreciate you’re here. They value having their own physician and having someone they can trust.”

– Amy Carter, MD, Board Certified Family Medicine

“I was in a bigger practice, but I prefer a smaller, more intimate environment like here at Henry Community Health. I know all the physicians by name.  You don’t know how good it is until you get here.”

– Todd Wright, MD, Board Certified Radiology

Patient Testimonials

Jeff Shelton – Dr. Harris

“Just his [Dr. Harris] professionalism, demeanor about himself, he’s a very kind and generous person. His bedside manner was off the chart. Getting prepped for surgery was excellent, the nurses took care of me and the anesthesiologist explained everything very well. It was a great experience all the way around.”

Rebecca Buchholz – Dr. Davisson

“Everybody was great. Even the people taking me in the room… they were all really great. Dr. Davisson told me what was going to happen and not expect miracles… except I actually experienced a miracle.”

Marsha Scott – Dr. Siewert

“I trusted him [Dr. Siewert], I trusted him explicitly. I was afraid.. but it was just so easy, he made it easier to go through the procedure. The therapy team was a big help. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, I can’t imagine going out of town. You have everything you need right here!”

Barbara Lewis, Hair Stylist and Salon Owner

I had uncontrolled migraines for several years before I turned to pain management specialist Dr. Scott Taylor. My last hope turned into a new beginning. Dr. Taylor found two deteriorating discs in my neck. He performed a procedure called nucleoplasty which alleviated my pain and allowed me to return to work in three days.

Jenny Kinser and Jennifer Kinser, Sisters-in-Law

Knee surgery gave us back our active lifestyles thanks to the partial knee replacement surgery performed by Dr. Lindsey Rolston. Jennifer made the trip from Carmel for surgery that gave her the ability to enjoy walking again. And Jenny is thrilled that as a kindergarten teacher she can once again get up and down on the floor with no pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide other than typical hospital ones?

We offer outpatient care coordination, mental health services, pain management, home health, hospice, outpatient pharmacies, advanced wound center, sleep center, sports medicine and performance enhancement, anticoagulation clinic, HealthRidge Wellness and Immediate Care.

What is included in outpatient care coordination?

Our outpatient care coordinators collaborate with inpatient care coordination to facilitate inpatient transfers to home and for follow-up provider appointments. They also work with high risk patients with chronic illnesses coordinating care with their provider and arranging visits by our Community Paramedics when appropriate.

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Provider Opportunities

OB-GYN Partnership Provides Range of services for Women

The medical staff is up to date with the best practices and very knowledgeable. The standard of clinical care is very high. It’s what you would expect in big city America. Romel Antolin, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Cooperation Between Administration and Medical Staff Can’t Be Over Emphasized

The cooperation between administration and the medical staff can’t be overemphasized. A lot of small hospitals and hospitals in general don’t have that. Lindsey Rolston, Orthopedic Surgery