Why Henry Community Health?

Leading Our Communities To A Healthier Future

At Henry Community Health we are redefining our model of care to play a progressive role to keep people healthy as well as caring for them when they are ill or injured. While the hospital will always serve as the cornerstone of the services we provide, our future is focused on caring for our communities in many different ways.

We have traditional physician offices, immediate care, home health, wellness center, employer based clinics and hospice. With our expanded outpatient focus we’ve added care coordination, community paramedics and a telehealth program which we plan to expand over time.

Recognizing mental health issues frequently make it difficult for our patients to care for their own health, we now have a mental health practitioner in our family/internal medicine practice with the intention of adding more in the future. We also have a new outpatient pain management clinic to help reduce the use of opioids and other narcotics.

As we address the evolving economics of healthcare, we work hand in hand with our physicians through our High Performance Medical Group to address issues such as MACRA, bundled payments and the proposed move away from fee for service.

Even though we are located in a small city, we’re technologically in step and our standard of clinical care is very high. As one of our physicians said, “It’s what you would expect in big city America.”

Why Henry Community Health?

There are many practice opportunities. What is most important is finding the practice opportunity, hospital and community that are the best fit for you and your family. There are many similarities among these opportunities, so what sets Henry Community Health apart?

Staff who Know Each Other 

A collegial medical staff who know each other and work together and with the Hospital for good patient care.

High Performance Medical Group

Physician involvement in future directions and strategy through the High Performance Medical Group that includes primary care and specialists.

High Standard of Clinical Care

A high standard of clinical care and specialty support when you need it.

Valued by Your Patients

A practice where you are valued by your patients and you have the opportunity to treat a wide variety of conditions.

Growing Care Coordination Program

A focus on improving chronic care management through a growing care coordination program including a Medicare Accountable Care Organization and integrating mental health services into our primary care practices.

Commitment to Patient Experience

A commitment to patient experience that transcends all of our inpatient and outpatient services.

Focused on Quality Care

A hospital that is technologically advanced and focused on quality care yet small enough where you “aren’t just a number”.

Supportive Administrative Staff & Chief Medical Officer

A supportive administrative staff and chief medical officer who appreciate the care you provide your patients and the value you bring to Henry Community Health.