FAQ – Henry

What services do you provide other than typical hospital ones?

We offer outpatient care coordination, mental health services, pain management, home health, hospice, outpatient pharmacies, advanced wound center, sleep center, sports medicine and performance enhancement, anticoagulation clinic, HealthRidge Wellness and Immediate Care.

What is included in outpatient care coordination?

Our outpatient care coordinators collaborate with inpatient care coordination to facilitate inpatient transfers to home and for follow-up provider appointments. They also work with high risk patients with chronic illnesses coordinating care with their provider and arranging visits by our Community Paramedics when appropriate.

What is covered in your mental health services?

Our primary care practices provide mental health counseling and medication management for pediatric and adult patients.

What type of pain management services do you have for opioids and other pain medication management?

Our board certified physical medicine and rehabilitation and  musculoskeletal pain management specialist helps patients 18+ to reduce the high doses of opioids and other pain medication as much as possible. He does not provide substance abuse treatment including suboxone and methadone maintenance management.

What other pain management services do you offer?

Interventional pain treatment includes minimally invasive outpatient surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis,  epidural steroid injections, dorsal rhizotomy, spinal cord stimulation, trigger point injections and Dorsal Root Ganglion stimulation. These are provided by our two board certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians.

What type of specialty support do you have?

Physicians with Henry Community Health Medical Group provide specialty support in cardiology, OB/GYN, orthopedics, general surgery, physiatry, pain management, allergy and immunology, infectious disease, family and internal medicine, pediatrics and wound care. Specialty services offered locally by other physicians include urology, podiatry, nephrology, neurology, pulmonology, ENT, dermatology, oncology and radiation oncology, and ophthalmology.

Do you have a hospitalist program?

We have a 24/7 adult and pediatric hospitalist program.

Do I have to live in New Castle?

You can live where you choose. We have physicians who live in Indianapolis and Muncie. Physicians on On call providers need to live within 30 minutes of the Hospital or stay overnight on their call days.

What type of oncology services do you provide?

Our GYN and general surgeons perform some oncology surgery or refer patients to oncology surgical specialists. IU Health Ball Cancer Center located in Forest Ridge Medical Pavilion provides radiation, chemotherapy and other services. A Tumor Board representing both hospitals meets regularly.

What type of Emergency Department coverage do you have?

We have 24/7 emergency department coverage. Our adult and pediatric hospitalist programs cover inpatient medical admissions. Pediatricians, obstetricians/gynecologists, cardiologists, general surgeons, orthopedic surgeons and urologists provide on call coverage when needed. A Telestroke program is available in partnership with Ascension St. Vincent and the Emergency Department. (delete accredited chest pain center)

What hospital do you use for tertiary care?

Depending on the care needed, we use all of the Indianapolis major systems including IU Health, Community, St. Francis and Ascension/St. Vincent.  The decision on which system to use is typically determined by the provider or in some cases bed availability.

What are the steps in the recruiting process?

When you contact Suburban Health Organization (SHO), a recruiter will review your experience and practice interests and then speak with you about our opportunity.  If you have an interest in our position and want to be presented to HCH, they will reach out to us and we will share your information with your potential partners.

Why does SHO recruit for Henry Community Health? 

Physician recruitment is one of the many services Suburban Health Organization (SHO) provides to its members. We have found that working with the professional recruiters at SHO is advantageous to potential providers as well as our hospital staff.